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Hydra Asset Protection System

We engineered our patented Hydra Asset Protection System using three major system components: Mesh Based Wireless Intelligent Sensors, a Gateway and Alarm Relay Modules. This innovative, yet simple modular design allows it to scale depending on your application and coverage requirements. Smaller sites use one gateway, while larger sites can be covered using remote interconnected gateways.


Hydra employs a network of sensors to detect intruders using two independent sensing technologies to confirm intrusion activity. Information is passed on to the Hydra Gateway and then to Alarm Relay Modules, which can be connected to an alarm panel, an integrated intrusion detection system, or its own independent interface. The modular components of the Hydra system allow it to scale depending on the application and coverage requirements. To detect the presence of an individual near the fence we use a short-range passive infrared sensor, or PIR. To detect fence disturbances, we use an accelerometer. In dual mode, both sensors have to be activated to cause an alarm. This reduces the false alarm rate to near zero, as all wind, weather or objects striking the fence without a human in the PIR detection range are not reported. The superior reliability of Hydra makes it the first perimeter and asset protection system that can be used in a standard alarm system reporting to a central station.

With Hydra, sites can be in populated locations. If one side of the fence has activity, such as pedestrians, the sensor can be placed inward so that someone can disturb the fence on the outside, but until they climb over and activate the PIR, there will be no alarm.

If you don't have a fence, the sensor can be placed directly on an asset or a remote door as the sensor can be secured in various ways.



In our wireless mesh network, individual sensors locally communicate with one another, passing along information until it reaches one of the sensors that communicate to the gateway. This allows for large areas to be covered at long distances from the central gateway. Unlike point-to-point wireless communication links, mesh networks build multiple redundant paths to maintain robust network communication.



The Hydra Asset Protection System is easy to install. Since the wireless mesh network eliminates the need for costly infrastructure associated with perimeter systems, the installation time and cost is a fraction of what cable-based systems require. What used to take weeks can now be done in a day.